Hello there, my name is Jamie, I’m a freelance writer who helps environmentally sustainable companies find the right words to get themselves and their products noticed.

The demand for environmentally sustainable products has never been stronger. This is great, but with so many new companies and products cropping up all the time, it can be difficult to get your voice heard.

With a tone of voice tailored to the identity of your brand, I can provide you with content that cuts through the noise and gets you set on your way to infiltrating the mainstream.

The most effective way of promoting environmental products is with an approach centred on openness and transparency – when it comes to sustainability, honesty sells!

Sustainable and b-corps companies tend, by their nature, to be ethically minded, and feel they have a responsibility to spread awareness of environmental issues alongside the promotion of their products. This is absolutely the right approach, but it can be easy to fall into the ‘doom & gloom’ trap. Nothing puts people off more than being told that they’re part of the problem.

I specialise in finding the balance that promotes the environmental message, without kicking people in the face with it.

Positivity is key. As a producer of environmental products, you’re offering a solution, and through my writing I can communicate to customers that, by investing in your company, they can be part of that solution too.