5 Sustainable Uses of Hemp that Could Help Solve Our Environmental Woes

As I suggested in my previous article, Brexit could provide the UK an opportunity to diversify its economy by encouraging the widespread cultivation of hemp. One of the things that might stand in the way of this, however (notwithstanding the legal restrictions), is the high initial cost to farmers of getting production off the ground. We can’t […]

UK Hemp: An Ancient Trade With a Bright Future

Once a cornerstone of the British empire, the UK hemp trade has suffered through decades of vilification. With brexit looming, is it time we brought it in from the cold? Hemp has a reputation of something of a miracle crop. It’s legendary versatility has been exploited by humans for millennia as a source of food, […]

Sustainable Marketing Tactics to Eradicate Greenwashing

Ethically minded companies are aware that being sustainable isn’t just all about environmental protection, it’s about changing perceptions of what a business can be in the 21st century. Compassionate, socially engaged companies are what consumers are demanding, companies that recognise the significant role they have to play in tackling the enormous challenges that we face […]

The Value of Transparency in Marketing Sustainability

Consumers are thankfully finally breaking away from the tired misconceptions that sustainable products are either a gimmick, or an expensive luxury that the average consumer can ill-afford. While it’s true that sustainable products are often priced slightly higher than average, studies have shown that this is no longer as much of a barrier as it […]

Diesel Days: Is It Time for an Outright Ban on Sales?

UK motorists are losing faith in diesel-powered vehicles. Is the government prepared to follow suit? On Thursday (Aug 23rd) an article appeared on The Guardian’s website that covered a poll claiming that over 50% of motorists in the UK would support a full ban on diesel-engine vehicles in urban areas. Concerns over toxic emissions from […]